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Kombucha Bar Phenomenon- A Fusion of Health and Refreshment

August 25, 2023by kombucha0

The abundance of Kombucha that can be found on shelves at the grocery store might cause you to wonder what this distinctively bubbly, tart drink is all about. 

There are now Kombucha in various flavours. Historically, it’s a probiotic-rich fermented tea that people from multiple cultures have enjoyed for thousands of years. It’s not just a sweet, somewhat effervescent drink. There are numerous claims made about the purported health benefits of Kombucha.

Learn more about Kombucha bar, what it is, how it’s produced, and the various benefits it can bring. Also, you’ll receive professional advice on selecting the most healthful Kombucha to reap the health benefits it can get.

Does Kombucha Do Anything?

It would be nice to know what the tea leaves would say. A single study examined human health benefits according to a survey of the available research released in the Journal Annals of Epidemiology.

Notably, 24 individuals who had non-insulin dependent diabetes drank Kombucha for three months, and their blood sugar levels appeared to stabilize to normal ranges. However, this investigation was not randomized or controlled. 

In addition, the study’s authors acknowledged that many of the claims made by Kombucha, such as benefits related to hemorrhoids, gout rheumatism, and nervousness, are based on unsubstantiated and unproven research.

However, Kombucha is not like fermented milk products like yogurt, which are widely believed to be beneficial for digestive and general health.

The kombucha bacteria have yet to be proven that they are probiotic. “We do not know whether it has any effect,” said Franck Carbonero, a microbiome scientist at Washington State University-Spokane regarding the health benefits. Certain kombucha brands include probiotics in their tea.

Do I Mix Alcohol Along With Kombucha?

It can be used as an excellent mixer in cocktails. The enthusiasm of Kombucha can give a refreshing taste to your drink, and since it’s less sugar than other mixers, it’s a healthier choice as well. It can be added to recipes instead of vinegar for a more sweet taste.

However, Kombucha’s distinctive flavor and tartness could challenge mixologists and bartenders. Its intense flavor could be overwhelming drinks if used in moderate amounts.

Consuming Kombucha May Provide Tea With Benefits

Tea is believed to have numerous health benefits. Even if you’re not fond of the hot or iced variety, drinking Kombucha could be an option to drink tea comfortably.

It also has the least caffeine, so a Kombucha bar could be a great option if you’re trying to avoid or limit this.

How to Choose the Right Kombucha

However, not all kombuchas are created equal when it comes to health benefits. Traditional Kombucha is created with only green or black tea, sugar, and a SCOBY. Modern commercial Kombucha is typically made with teas, spices, herbs flavors, juices, or sugars added after fermentation.

Here’s what experts suggest to look for in Kombucha to reap its health benefits:

  • Find simple ingredients. Choose a kombucha made up of tea water, sugar, fruit juice, and microbes. It’s acceptable that kombucha contains spices or herbs to enhance the flavor.
  • Select “raw” as well as “unpasteurized.” Pasteurization eliminates beneficial yeast and beneficial bacteria in the Kombucha. So, select kombuchas with labels that say “raw” and “unpasteurized” to increase the probiotic content.
  • Limit Sugar content. “Though sugar is essential to the process of fermentation, a lot of kombuchas available in supermarkets can contain as much as 20 grams of sugar in a bottle to make it more appealing,”. “Review the nutrition label and strive for under 5 grams of sugar for each portion.”
  • Take note of the packaging. “Look for kombucha that is sold in darker bottles because light could ruin some probiotics and other nutrients,” advises Amidor.

Although this tart, fermented beverage may have health advantages, it’s essential to be aware that further research needs to be conducted, and due to the tiny quantity of Alcohol per ounce, it’s not suitable for women who are expecting or who are avoiding Alcohol. 

In addition, when incorporating Kombucha into your diet for the first time, it is recommended that you go slow. “Allow your body’s digestive system to adapt to the bacterial and yeast species. Ingestion of too much at a fast pace can cause bloating or stomach upset.”

Kombucha Bar -Last Thoughts

In the past, it was rare to find people who craved cold Kombucha. The drink of the past is sought-after by healthy individuals of all ages due to its refreshing fizz, rich flavor digestion benefits, and boost in energy.

Employers who offer Kombucha at the tap in the workplace can help enhance the refreshment options and show employee gratitude. A glass of Kombucha in the afternoon will help employees fight off the energy slump after a lengthy lunch and promote general well-being for employees.

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