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Is Kombucha Bar Good for Kids?

October 5, 2023by kombucha0

It is important to be cautious if you plan to offer your child Kombucha.

It’s because this fermented sparkling drink, traditionally produced using black and green teas, may also have added sugar and tiny amounts of alcohol. Certain kinds of Kombucha bar, ought to be avoided by kids, and others, such as pasteurized and store-bought, can be consumed safely.

Kombucha is thought to be a product of China. However, it is gaining popularity throughout the West because of its antioxidant, antimicrobial, and blood sugar-lowering qualities.

Therefore, although it might be considered a nutritious drink, it doesn’t mean it’s safe for youngsters. This article focuses on Kombucha’s alcohol and sugar levels to clarify whether it’s safe for children.

Does Kombucha Contain Alcohol?

As with all beverages and foods that are fermented, like water kefir, Soy sauce, and vinegar in Kombucha, which naturally contain alcohol, it isn’t made to induce a high. It’s simply a natural consequence of the fermentation process that creates the beverage. 

This is when the SCOBY (a shape-shifting symbiotic bacterium that includes yeast and bacteria) is combined with sweetened tea. The yeast and bacteria transform sugar into alcohol (alcohol) and acetic acids, giving Kombucha its distinct acidity and sour flavor. It also provides probiotic goodness.

How Much Alcohol Can Be Found In The Kombucha?

The alcohol content of Kombucha is low in commercially accessible beverages, containing just 0.5 percent ABV. It is technically non-alcoholic since a beverage is considered alcoholic only if it exceeds 1.2 percent ABV. As a reference point, many non-alcoholized wines and beers contain an ABV of 0.5 percent, and even the ripest bananas can contain an ABV of 0.4 percent.

All that said, It is important to remember that the amount of alcohol in Kombucha may differ between brands based on factors such as the timing of the brewing process and the type of yeast utilized. The general rule is that homemade varieties tend to have an increased alcohol percentage. At No.1 Living, our Kombucha is approximately 0.5 percent ABV.

Is Kombucha Bar Good For Hangovers?

It’s crucial to realize that Kombucha was not made for intoxication (although some alcoholic kombuchas appear in the marketplace). However, commercially produced kombuchas contain different amounts of alcohol. 

The alcohol naturally occurs and is not added. This is because a tiny quantity of alcohol is created in the fermentation process that naturally occurs in Kombucha. Following fermentation, brewers may also reduce the amount of alcohol they consume through various methods. However, the levels of alcohol vary based on several variables.

Will Drinking Too Much at a Kombucha Bar Get You Drunk?

The simplest solution is yes. There is a good chance to be drunk after drinking lots of Kombucha, even at the legally uniform amount of 0.5 percent AVB, which is extremely difficult.

Indeed, an increasing number of people have switched beers, bubbly, or cocktails for Kombucha bars to enjoy a delicious treat with no alcohol-induced high. Taste and find out what you think!

But, if you’re particular about alcohol or have medical or religious reasons to avoid it, it is important to be aware that you will find small amounts of alcohol in the finished product. We hope this article helps you make a more informed choice on whether Kombucha is the right choice for you.

Are Kids Going To Like The Flavor?

The tangy kombucha flavor and its many fruity flavors can make it appealing to young children.

Studies show that humans tend to prefer sweets early in childhood. That means children enjoy sweet drinks and might not like non-sweetened kombuchas, which might contain earthy or sour flavors.

In my case, for instance, my four-year-old son is a fan of 2 1 ounces (60 milliliters) of sugar-free or pasteurized Passion fruit kombucha at mealtimes at times, but He is not a fan of varieties that have an intense tart flavor.

Kids may be able to associate the fizziness of Kombucha with soda. However, if you choose lower sugar levels, Kombucha has more sugar than soda and can be a nutritious alternative for children.

At 3.5 grams (100 milliliters), the grape-flavored Kombucha has less than 1.3 grams of sugar. In contrast, grape soda contains 14 grams.

Can You Safely Ingest Kombucha To Serve Your Children?

I pasteurized, store-bought Kombucha for children aged four or older. Beware of homemade Kombucha or unpasteurized versions because they may contain greater alcohol levels.

Additionally, you should pick products with less added sugar to decrease the risk of cavities in your child and childhood excess or obesity, heart disease, or even diabetes later. All of these are caused by excessive sugar consumption.

Limit your child’s consumption to between 2-4 pounds (60-120 milliliters) of Kombucha – even those with low sugar to keep within the recommended daily sugar consumption. Make sure you reduce any other source of sugar added, also.

Final Thoughts on Kombucha Bar

 Kombucha is an alcohol that is fermented, sweetened, and made from green or black tea.

In addition, sweetened Kombucha can be more than 400 percent of the child’s daily sugar allowance, whereas non-sweetened or low-sugar varieties provide 10 percent or less.

Therefore, it is recommended to restrict kids to 2 – 4 8 ounces (60-120 milliliters) of bottled, pasteurized at Kombucha bar.

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