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When you drink a can of Radiate Kombucha you’re choosing an ethically sourced, small batch, locally-made and probiotic-rich superfood. You’re supporting a Mom owned business working to localize our food system and create a transparent, ethical community. You are supporting small local farms and farmers families. You’re supporting one of the oldest living spiritually-driven female tea masters in the world who is exercising traditional, organic and holistic farming practices. You’re aiding in both world-wide and local movements toward equal rights and a sustainable future.

Every single ingredient has been researched and sourced meticulously to ensure that we are crafting the highest quality product on the market. We strive for integrity, transparency and honesty because we care. A lot. A ton actually.

Radiate is a proud partner of The Watershed Action Lab working to restore native species to the greater Biscayne Bay watershed in an effort to promote a healthier more vibrant bay.

Everything we do as a brand from our packaging to our ingredients to how we run our brewery is to support a more sustainable future for our community.

Radiate; cultivating culture, compassion and community.

We have two homes, our body and our Earth. Both need to be treated with respect.

Susan has been making kombucha since she was 14. As a Mom, Nutritionist, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and retired (15 year) bartender, her constant search has been to build community and make living a healthy lifestyle accessible to all. She opened Radiate Apothecary in late 2016 as a way to support local farmers and before she knew it, the kombucha aspect of the business took on a life of its own. This “accidental” business is growing faster than we could ever have prayed for and we joke that even our ever-evolving business plan is completely organic. Radiates success is grounded in gratitude and wholly attributed to this vibrant community and the abundant support we continue to receive! One day soon, Susan plans to grow the business back to its original intention of a healing apothecary and market specializing in locally sourced foods and fermentation education with a kickass brewery inside! Until then, Susan can be found slanging’ buch, educating on holistic health and more realistically, running after her 2 kids.

Angry Booch

Angry Booch came to life through my passion for health and fitness. After the birth of my child, I found myself overweight and unhappy. I decided on a fresh start and decided to change my diet and exercise. I soon began teaching fitness classes at FIU and LA Fitness. I read about kombucha and the benefits of probiotics for overall health, nutrient absorption, and weight loss. I began buying store-bought and it was one of those things that didn’t taste so great I had to get used to.
One day I went to a farmer’s market and tasted a local vendor’s kombucha and was amazed by how good it was. I figured it couldn’t be that hard to make on my own, so I bought some SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) online and got to work! I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to make, and even better— it tasted great! I started to bring it to my office and share with coworkers for feedback and people told me I should start selling it!
July 2015, I decided to start a company “Angry Booch” that made and sold kombucha at farmers markets. I was working full time, juggling late nights of kombucha making at home and Saturdays at the market. The customer feedback was so encouraging to keep persisting so I did. Over time I was selling more and more, and there was demand for wholesaling and events that would overlap with work and the market. I could never deliver on these requests because I didn’t have space or time to produce those volumes. I was too scared to quit my job and leave the security of a nice paycheck every two weeks and remained in a job that left me unfulfilled. It got to a point where I was unhappy and tired in all aspects of my life, luckily my boyfriend (now fiancé- he put a ring on it!!) that had met me when I started and been by my side throughout the whole journey. He told me what I know I needed to do — quit my job.
Two years later in August 2017, I put in my notice and we leased a property that we would turn into a brewery and Miami’s 1st kombucha taproom.

Brewing Life

Brewing Life Kombucha is excited to share the creative collaboration of culinary and mixology experience. The family-owned, artisanal drink is a twist from the traditional kombuchas found in Miami. Our intention has been to produce a friendly kombucha beverage that is low in sugar but high in flavor and health. We want you to refreshingly enjoy your probiotic and be able to realistically incorporate it to your lifestyle – not leave it left behind with mixed feelings about it. We pride ourselves in highly quality ingredients and our elixir blends. We are not the traditional black tea and fruit kombucha, we blend medicinal herbs, roots, and berries to our brews. Check out their unique benefits in our menu.


Daniel Seaburg, a New York native, was introduced to the hospitality industry as a 14 year old dishwasher at a NY Country Club. After completing his studies in Culinary Arts, he continued to develop his career as a professional chef in South Florida working under inspiring chefs, developing his career as a Sous Chef and Chef de Cuisine in well known restaurants in Miami such as Oceanaire, Sugar Factory, the Villa at the Versace Mansion, Barton G and Juvia. Daniel began home beer brewing as a hobby and not long after, he was introduced to kombucha while living the usual chef life – comprised of long hours and a poor diet. After experiencing the powerful benefits on his health he was eager to combine all his passions and his extensive culinary experience to share health. Today he is happy to craft each batch with loving energy, while using his extensive skills when creating booch brews and exciting new recipes.