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Best summer kombucha flavors 2023

January 5, 2023by kombucha0

It’s officially summer, and we’re ready to enjoy the sun and warmer temperatures! The way we live has changed for us over the past several months. We are all being weighed down by the brokenness of our world. Now more than ever, we must find time to look after our needs. We hope you’ve found your own brewing experience a highlight of your stay. We can benefit from summer kombucha flavors a healthy beverage that can ease stress and anxiety.

Summer is filled with tasty fruits, and your backyard gardens are brimming with fresh, aromatic herbs. This is the ideal moment to change your usual flavours to something new and fresh. We’ve found fresh ideas in these quiet days at home, and we’re thrilled to share them with you!

Beet & Friends- summer kombucha flavours

As ginger and red beets, they go well with various fruit companions! We particularly love strawberry-beet beet mingled with freshly squeezed orange juice and beet ginger. The addition of beets to the second fermentation of Kombucha can lead to intense carbonation, so be on the lookout for “beet bombs”! With their bubbly, sparkling, and enthusiastic (staining) colour, they can be incredibly messy. Do not let that stop you from creating beet-based flavours! Keep the beets in check, and be careful not to let them ferment too much.

In the end, we throw raw beet chunks into the Vitamix and blend them with a few tablespoons of pure Kombucha (or lemon or orange juice) until it is smooth. 

Rosemary Grape Kombucha

The delicious blend of sweet grapes and fragrant rosemary gives a calming and soft Mediterranean scent that will relax your soul. You’ll need red wine and some rosemary.

Purée the grapes and then drop them together and the rosemary in the brew when you’re ready to go through the second fermentation. Wait for the magic to occur.

Pomegranate Kombucha

Simple, festive, and top kombucha flavor to serve at gatherings for the holidays. Make it more festive by adding some arils of pomegranate before serving!

Cranberry Orange Kombucha

Cranberry orange should not be reserved only for Christmas. It has delicious flavors all year long. You can do that by making this Kombucha with a cranberry orange recipe.

Mix freshly pressed cranberries and cranberry juice with freshly squeezed Orange juice to your drink during the carbonation phase. Add a handful of whole cranberries to the finished glass or bottle with an orange slice to garnish.

Lemon Zinger

Lemon ginger, that’s a seasonal kombucha flavors,! If you’re looking to take some relief from the sweeter, Kombucha is a fantastic alternative. We’re fortunate with sweet Meyer lemons that we can juice, and if you’re using standard lemons, you should add a small drop of sugar or an ounce of honey into the bottle, too. Alongside making ginger and lemon an individual flavor, they’re great with the other flavors listed as well!

Carrot and Apple Kombucha

Okay, we all know that a carrot isn’t a fruit; however, it’s close enough to be included in this article! Carrot and apple flavors are one of the most sought-after flavourings used in Kombucha. It gives a slightly savoury flavor. Blend or cut raw carrots or apples, and add them to your brew in the second fermentation phase. Tip! Try substituting the apples with orange juice and add turmeric or ginger to the mix to create additional flavor combinations.

Last Words

Here you go about summer kombucha flavors! These are our top choices for the best seasonal kombucha flavors. Do you agree? Did you spot some new combinations that you’re eager to test? Remember to share your thoughts on how you liked the flavors! Did we leave out any of the best varieties of Kombucha that you want and can make yourself? Please share it with us know via the comments below.

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